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Posted on: July 25, 2009 11:56 pm

Astros Win Streak Ends, and Not in a Good Way

Well, Russ Ortiz went out and pitched his heart out, I guess.  It didn't do the Astros much good though, since he staked the Mets to a 3-0 lead in the 1st inning.  Tim Byrdak wasn't much better as he gave up a three-run homer to Jeff Francoeur.

The offense was pathetic tonight against rookie Jonathan Niese.  Four hits, all singles, and only one run.  Hunter Pence his a two-run shot in the 9th, but the damage had long been done.  I figured the Astros weren't going to run the table, but I didn't think they'd go out like this to the Mets, a team that has been struggling for the past month or longer.

If we hear anything from Russ Ortiz other than "I sucked tonight and it was mostly my fault we lost", it'll be far too much.  His whining after the start against the Nationals recently was tiresome.  Personally, I hope I don't hear any more whining from him.  But after this game, I'd be shocked if he didn't have something to say.

In other news, the Red Sox played a strong all-around game tonight, beating the Orioles 7-2.  Adam LaRoche homered in his first game with the team, and Big Papi hit a three-run shot.  Jon Lester pitched well, giving up two earned in 7.1 innings.  He's 9-7 on the season; not exactly what was expected, I'm sure, especially with Beckett and Wakefield outperforming him.
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