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Posted on: July 30, 2009 5:46 pm

Some Good, Some Bad, and Some Brutally Ugly

The Astros played well at the beginning of the day, but it turned ugly once again, as another of their mediocre starters gave up a ton of runs.

Russ Ortiz, the whiner, had yet another bad start.  He had a few good starts in a row, but the last two or three have been utterly awful.  I hope I don't have to hear him whining for the rest of the season now, because I'm sick of him.  I wish he and Hampton could get cut today, but unfortunately, I'm not that lucky.  Not only that, there's not a whole lot of depth in the farm system that's ready to come up and replace these two losers.  Bud Norris looked better than these two in three innings yesterday, but let's face it: he's a rookie, he's probably just gonna be getting spot duty in the bullpen, and if he started he probably wouldn't be much of an improvement.

It's a tough time right now.  The team has played well in stretches, especially when they swept the Cardinals last week.  But it's looking pretty ugly now, and right when they have a chance to move up in the division race, they're moving four steps back.  The good news is that there's a lot of season left.  The bad news is that Roy Oswalt is hurt, he might miss a couple starts or more, we don't know that for sure yet.  And Lance Berkman is already on the DL and won't be back until mid-August.  The other sluggers in the lineup haven't done a whole lot in his absence either.

Then there's the ugly: two starts in two days, with 9 runs or more given up in both.  Pathetic.

In other news, the Red Sox won.  David Ortiz tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003, and hit a home run today that provided the margin of victory.  It's disappointing, to say the least, that he was on drugs along with former teammate Manny Ramirez.  As a fan of the Red Sox, who joined the bandwagon really late admittedly, I'm personally disappointed and saddened by the revelation that Ortiz tested positive.  2003 was the year I became a fan of the team, so it hits close to my heart.
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