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Posted on: September 15, 2009 1:07 pm

2009 NFL Power Rankings, Week 1

1.) Pittsburgh (1-0)
  The Steelers took out what should be an elite team in the Titans; yeah, it required overtime, but this is still the best team until they get beaten.
2.) Philadelphia (1-0)
  McNabb's injury is getting a lot of pub; what about that defense, though?  They crushed Carolina and forced Jake Delhomme into another terrible game.
3.) NY Giants (1-0)
  The Giants looked good against Washington and have another NFC East foe coming up.  I'm not sure I'd want to open up Cowboys Stadium on Sunday night, but I don't think the Giants will be daunted.
4.) Atlanta (1-0)
  Another team that won with solid defense.  Matt Ryan is the latest to benefit from Tony Gonzalez's awesomeness.
5.) Baltimore (1-0)
  Not as much defense as we're used to seeing, but Joe Flacco came out and lit up KC.
6.) NY Jets (1-0)
  Mark Sanchez started out phenomenal, despite throwing an INT.  Can he keep it up?
7.) New Orleans (1-0)
  Six TD's from Drew Brees is excellent.  Giving up 27 to the Lions?  Not so much.
8.) Minnesota (1-0)
  Brett Favre, meet your new safety blanket.  They literally ran away from the Browns.
9.) Green Bay (1-0)
  A bit rough on offense, especially on the right side of the line.  The new 3-4 defense forced Jay Cutler into a ton of mistakes.
10.) New England (1-0)
  They won and are still elite.  No concern about Tom Brady, but that defense looked awful.

A Look at Week 1:
The NFL opened up the 2009 season in earnest on Sunday.  All in all, it was an exciting week of football, starting off with Thursday's Pittsburgh/Tennessee overtime game.  There were quite a few players who made a name for themselves or reminded everyone just how good they are.  Obvious inclusions on that list are Drew Brees, Mark Sanchez, Matt Ryan, and Joe Flacco.  The Texans in particular were one of the more disappointing teams.  They went down hard against the Jets and looked completely inept while doing so.  Philadelphia looked the best, delivering a beatdown to Carolina.  There are a couple good teams that I had to leave off the Rankings to start this season because the teams that are on the list just flat outplayed them.  Some of these teams are: Indianapolis, Dallas, and San Diego.  Obviously, I expect a lot of turnover from week to week, as certain teams bubble up and others move down.  In my Rankings, winning is the thing I look at first and foremost.  In order to separate teams, I then look at how well they played in the three phases of the game.  As I said before, Philadelphia played the best, but since Pittsburgh is the defending champion, they're second this week.

The best games coming up next week.

New Orleans (7) @ Philadelphia (2):
  Drew Brees takes his offense on the road against a crushing defense.  This ain't the Lions any more.

New England (10) @ NY Jets (6):
  We begin to find out just how good Mark Sanchez is.

Baltimore (5) @ San Diego (unranked):
  This could go a couple different ways: Defensive beatdown (for Baltimore), or offensive explosion (for both).

NY Giants (3) @ Dallas (unranked):
  The Game of the Week opens up Cowboys Stadium and pits two hated rivals against each other.

Indianapolis (unranked) @ Miami (unranked):
  Monday night's game has two should-be playoff teams facing off.
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