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Posted on: August 15, 2009 12:12 am

Better Late Than Never

The Red Sox played a fabulous ninth inning tonight in Arlington; they scored six runs and got the win against the Rangers.

David Ortiz struck first in the 6th, hitting a timely two-run homer.  At that point the game was tied.  But in the next two innings, the Red Sox would be losing 4-2.

That set the stage for the 9th; Jacoby Ellsbury singled in Ortiz, Victor Martinez doubled in Ellsbury and Pedroia, and Bay singled in Martinez before J.D. Drew came up.  Drew capped the night and the scoring with a two-run homer.

Unfortunately, all this came well after starter Jon Lester had left the game.  He threw six innings, allowed three runs, and struck out 11.  A fine game for Lester, but timing is everything.

In other news, the beatings continue for the Astros.  Tonight in Milwaukee, bad Wandy showed up again (as opposed to Magic Wandy of the previous seven times he went out to the mound), giving up 8 runs in the first inning.  He threw four innings total, giving up 10 runs, walking five and striking out four.  Terrible, but not surprising.

Sammy Gervacio made his long-awaited debut for the major league club, also.  He threw two innings of shutout ball.  His delivery is neat to watch, actually.  Gervacio is a righty who throws sidearm (but not a submariner, it must be noted) with a lot of movement.  Ever since I heard of his prowess a couple years ago, I was convinced that he'd eventually be the closer for the Astros.  Perhaps that time is coming as soon as next season.

Of course, I also thought that Fernando Nieve and Paul Estrada were going to make big splashes with the Astros.  I was wrong on both counts.
Posted on: August 9, 2009 11:53 pm


Victor Martinez hit a two-run homer, but Daniel Bard and Hideki Okajima conspired to take a win away from Jon Lester tonight.

I'm disgusted by this team currently.  Neither one of my teams are doing really well at the moment.  The Red Sox have now lost the series against the Yankees; they're 0-6 in the biggest week of the season.  Terrible.

In other news, the Astros won 2-0 today; they won the series with Milwaukee.  Wandy Rodriguez came back today and threw seven solid innings.  He allowed five hits and two walks, struck out three, and gave up NO earned runs.  That's a great effort to me, but Cecil Cooper, as usual, can't resist taking a dig at one of his players.

Cooper suggested none too subtly that he thought Wandy had been better before.  In fact, there have been fewer than five starts in 2009 where Wandy has been better, and quite a few where he was worse.  Frankly, I'll take another five or six outings like this from Wandy.  If he throws seven innings and gives up no runs, not only is the team in excellent position to win, he's saving the bullpen too.

But it would be crazy to expect Cooper to understand that, I guess.

Geoff Blum was the hero on offense today with a timely 4th inning home run.  There wasn't much else besides his big hit, but that's ok.

With Wandy and Roy Oswalt coming back, it would appear that the Astros could round into form sooner rather than later.  I would argue that the addition of Lance Berkman (a healthy and good-hitting one, at that) is the key to this particular season's puzzle.  Without Berkman, the rest of the lineup hasn't quite clicked.  It's a bit hard to figure, though, considering that Bourn has played well leading off, Tejada is having a monster season, Lee is being his usual consistent self, and Pence has bounced back from his sophomore slump.  But for some reason, Berkman's absence has proven to be quite profound.
Posted on: August 2, 2009 5:56 pm

4-2-1-7-0-2-0-1-1 --> 18

The title is the line score for the Red Sox today, specifically the runs they scored in each inning and the total at the end of the game.

Needless to say, it was a WILD game.  Victor Martinez was 5-for-6, Kevin Youkilis was 3-for-4, and the Red Sox clobbered Baltimore 18-10.

Clay Buchholz has not shown his no-hitter form too often since he had it.  Today he wasn't much better, giving up nine hits and seven runs in only four innings.  If he and John Smoltz continue to tax the bullpen, it'll be trouble in late September and October for the team.

In other news, Bud Norris made his first start for the Astros today in relief of Roy Oswalt.  He had one of the more impressive debuts that I've seen recently, throwing seven shutout innings while giving up only two hits; he walked four and struck out five.  The walks could have caused more trouble, but Norris was lucky (or good) at the right times.  The Astros won 2-0, and may have stopped their slide.  I didn't think Norris was up for it, but he proved me wrong.

Good for him, I say.  Hopefully he builds on this, and doesn't turn into Wandy.
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